Diabetes Management Program

Diabetic residents require a dedicated team to manage their care. Nutritional education, skin care, exercise, vision care, and hygiene techniques are the focal point.


Menus are designed by a diet technician and meet the diet and caloric requirements specifically ordered by your physician. We teach appropriate portion sizes, food choices, and preparation techniques while monitoring glucose levels. Should a wound exist, extra precautions are taken to provide the nutritional and vitamin support needed to promote healing.


We teach the hygiene techniques necessary to ensure proper foot care. We inspect for swelling, cuts, and blisters, and check for proper fit of footwear. A wound care physician is available and works closely with an in-house wound care coordinator who leads the wound care team. This team utilizes procedures such as hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, and pulse lavage to heal open areas.


We educate daily regarding adaptive techniques, adaptive equipment, work simplification, and energy conservation. You’ll also learn techniques to compensate for neuropathy of hands and feet, and how to safely modify your home.

Exercise programs improve glucose control, increase insulin sensitivity, decrease weight, improve blood pressure, and decrease cardiovascular risks. The program, which is under the supervision of a trained professional, can also increase your strength and endurance.

Your vision is evaluated for declines caused by diabetes and aging, and compensatory strategies are taught if any declines are noted.

Upon discharge, we will provide you with a home exercise program and assist with obtaining any physician-ordered equipment and supplies. In addition, we’ll order homecare to continue your diabetic education and dietary recommendations.

We strive for the day when you can enjoy a fulfilling life in control of diabetes, as opposed to diabetes controlling you.

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